15 foods for the world should put in the refrigerator

15 foods for the world should put in the refrigerator

The pace of life is much faster than before, so most of those who live in cities do the shopping once a week or two. Nobody has time to spare to go every day to the fair fruit or supermarket , so we reserve the right to fill the fridge with all foods to avoid damage . They will ask, and what about that ?, because the reality of the matter is that there are several foods that are best worn with mother nature with the fridge.

Some of them are:

1.H aromatic ierbas

These plants should stay in natural environments to avoid losing their properties.

2. Aged cheeses

First, the refrigerator remain the worst odor and, secondly, mature cheeses are made to natural climates. So called “matured”.

3. serrano ham

Keep it in a cool environment, but never in the refrigerator.

4. Tomato

Tomato loses flavor when cooled, so the advice is to get him a while before eating or cooking.

5. Banana

Several studies claim that this fruit is harmful to the body if you eat cold, but in practical terms could lead to heartburn or gastritis feeling.

6. Coffee

The coffee comes from hot, humid climates, so it is best to leave it in a jar in the kitchen. If you put it in the fridge you will lose flavor.

7. Cans

Remember that canned are full of substances that allow the maximum duration of food. The material of the can may react negatively and damage the contents.

8. Pickles

These products are preserved by vinegar or oil, so it is important to stay in a natural environment.

9. oil / vinegar

No matter what happens, never targets these products to the refrigerator. The oil will become a jelly and vinegar lose their properties.

10. Honey

You can leave honey out how long you want, it will not be damaged.

11. Pineapple

The cold prevents the fruits ripen, so if what you want is to eat them soon … Leave them out.

12. Garlic

I tell you not smell that will have the fridge if you keep it there, but most important is that garlic needs moisture to preserve flavor and that will not get in the cold from the refrigerator.

13. Potatoes

Potatoes are tubers of the earth, and they need to preserve the natural moisture properties. However, if you want to make some delicious fries it is always a good idea before and refrigerate losing starch.

14. Cereal, sugar, flour

It depends, if you find yourself in too hot weather is better to keep these products in the refrigerator, but otherwise always leave them outside.

15. Fun Fact: Beer

Keep the beers and lying in a natural environment. When you want to drink one, set it to cool wrapped in paper towels and put her down again. You have the best beer in the world.

And you, do you know more foods that should not be kept in the fridge?