15 fun facts that will surprise you of the saga’s most sexy: ’50 Shades of Grey’

Let’s talk about one of the books that have impacted society in recent times: the 50 Shades of Grey, written by british E. L. James in 2011. It tells the story of the relationship between a newly graduate of the university, Anastacia Steele and a young business magnate, Christian Grey.

Its success at the global level is unquestionable and is probably due to the taboo subject that the writer knew how to take advantage, although it has not escaped critics, who have attacked the novel on many occasions. Any way, it has become one of the favorite and the film version is one of the tapes most successful. These are the dark secrets behind it is fascinating publication.

1. More sold than Harry Potter

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

So only the first installment of the series managed to sell 70 million copies in the united States, surpassing by a lot of to novels like The Da Vinci Code or the last part of Harry Potter. Although in many bookstores is not for sale for its sexual content, it did not affect their success at all.

2. The author did not know Seattle

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

Or Portland. The author of the trilogy, I had never been in those cities despite the fact that the plot develops in them. In fact, to make the locations used the service Google View.

3. The favourite of the celebs

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

Several celebrities have declared to be fanatics of the series, including Ashley Benson, Kate Moss, Bar Refaeli and Kim Kardashian, who even got to see the movie before everyone else.

4. As in the Middle Ages

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

A women’s organisation in the Uk hated both the books that they decided to encourage people to donate their copies to burn them in a bonfire. They received only 24 books, so I decided to use them as toilet paper.

5. Reading it is considered dirty

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

States that is directly related to behaviors viewed as evil by the society, such as promiscuity, excessive consumption of alcohol, and even abusive partners.

6. The ferreteras is supplied before the premiere

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

The expectation of the arrival of the tape meant that the owners of the chain of british diy B & Q, send memos to their employees to be attentive to the orders made by the customers of ropes, duct tape and all supplement that you could have seen in the movie.

7. There were burns in the scenes bondage

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

According to Sam Taylor-Wood, director of the first tape, he had to ask Jamie to be very careful during the filming of these scenes.

8. Inspiration vampiresca


According to the author of the books, his inspiration comes from the saga of Twilight.

9. Stephanie Meyer is not a fan

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

Authors such as J. K. Rowling or the creator of Twilight, have stated they do not like that kind of literature and refuse to read them.

10. Women are more open

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

Despite the fact that the trilogy has not received good reviews from the literary press for its quality novel, a study from the University of Indiana ensures that your reading has helped positively to women to talk about their sexuality and try new things.

11. Angelina Jolie as the director

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

The producers decided to offer him the direction of the film, but he declined the offer.

12. Dornan had to learn to walk

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Jamie said in an interview that she had to change her way of walking for the role of Christian Grey, because he treadeth first with points and then with the heel.

13. Marketing

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

At some point, the author of the books, teamed up with a few winemakers californians to launch for sale a white wine and one red wine under the label 50 Shades of Grey. Although he was not the only thing that is sold of the novel.

14. Baby clothes, among other things

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

There were many odd products inspired by the saga as: teddy bears and board games.

15. You have not practiced sadism

datos curiosos 50 sombras de grey

E. L. James is a british female average of 51 years. Her name is Erika, she is married to Niall Leonard, with whom he has two teenage children. Experts in sadomasochism ensure that the scenes described in the novels may not be very faithful to what they practice in private, you could even think that they have not already done so.