15 Creative Costumes that all pregnant women should wear on Halloween

The celebration of Halloween is approaching and, from makeup to clothing, all seek to have the best idea for fun and surprise on the night of October 31st. Among the special guests at parties Halloween always be pregnant girls as they surprise with their ingenuity to devise the most original and comfortable costume.

If you too are expecting a baby and want to celebrate playing play fun characters with the help of your belly, you have to try at least one of the 15 most original costumes for maternity evening Halloween.

1. An acorn squirrel fleeing

pregnant woman dressed squirrel and acorn

2. Video Lemonade Beyoncé

Pregnant woman with hat, braids and giant lemon

3. A tender Kinder Surprise 

Pregnant woman painted kinder surprise

4. A simple costume with the help of  Snoopy 

snoopy shirt and pregnant woman

5. Mom kangaroo

woman pregnant do with kangaroo costume

6. A funny pitcher of Kool-Aid

emabrazada woman disguised as a pitcher kool

7. A landscape inspired by Star Wars

embrazada woman with costume star wars

8. A cat and her ball of yarn

emabrazada woman dressed cat with ball of yarn

9. Dress up the baby on the way of your favorite emoji

Pregnant woman dressed in black with emoji

10. Frightening costume Freddie Krueger

woman dressed in costume fredie kruger

11. Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin

woman disguised winnie pooh

12. A fun avocado

pregnant woman dressed avocado

13. Pumpkins are a tradition

woman wearing pumpkin

14. A baby behind bars

pregnant woman with paint baby in her womb

15. Trainers Pokémon

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