15 amazing images that are a tribute to African culture win British award

When it comes to high hairdresser, there is only one stylist we can talk and that’s Lisa Farrall , it is definitely one of the best in their field. Recently, his Armour collection won first place in 3 categories at the awards Black Hair , also was a finalist for the prestigious British Hair 2016.

On this occasion, Lisa makes an extensive tribute to African culture, where she represents the beauty and strength that is often difficult to capture. In addition to spectacular hair, the models adorn her face with a makeup created by Suhyun Kang, exhibited in the grandiose images of Lucas Nugent.

1. Surprising

2. Captivating and incredible

3. Beautiful and strong

4. Mysterious

5. Natural and Wild

6. Sensual

7. Fairy Hair

8. Spectacular

9. Powerful and creepy

10. Minimalist and surprising

11. Bold and interesting

12. Enchanting and enigmatic

13. Optical Illusion

14. Futuristic ringtones

15. Completely Awesome