14 of the best ideas for sharing your wedding day with your pet

As we all know the dog is man’s best friend and is so true that a dog can come to consider even as a member of the family. There are couples who decide during their courtship share a pet and when their relationship culminating in marriage this is a special guest at the wedding.

If you want to share with your best friend in your wedding, we show you some ideas for boyfriends with their pets who made it happen and are adorable!

1. Dancing with him

bride dancing with her dog

2. Participating in the ceremony

wedding with your peroos

3. It is part of souvenir photo

wedding photos with pug

4. Wearing elegant wedding day

Dog wedding suit

5. Happy by the union

yorkie in wedding

6. Receiving love their masters

bridal couple with their dog

7. Posing with boyfriends

wedding with their dogs

8. Delivering the ring

dog engagement ring

9. Always remember this day

masters with his dog kiss

10. They are a family

bridal couple with their dogs

11. Announcing the wedding

photo shoot dogs with boyfriends

We 12.always be united

chihuhua with engagement ring

13. they succeeded

boyfriends at her wedding with her puppy

14. Happy with my family

dogs in wedding photographs