13 Signs show that you have the best partner in your life

Although sex is not everything in a relationship, we can not deny that is a fundamental factor for the couple. Sex not only near the body of two people; near the soul, express feelings and creates a special bond between two people.

Keep alive the flame of passion is important. There is nothing better than a couple confidence to say what we like and what not; at the end do you have only one purpose: that the two involved achieve maximum pleasure. Here are 15 signs that you and your partner complement each other perfectly in privacy.

1. cares about your satisfaction

barefooted couple in bed

It is one of the most important. It is not all the time be asking if they are doing things right; it is that the two have the confidence to talk about what they like and what not. Not bad guide your partner when having intimate relations, the bottom line is that both are satisfied. If your partner is concerned that enjoy as much as you care about him, have fewer problems in bed.

2. not you afraid of leaving lights

Couple having sex on the floor

Most women we are timid during the first encounters with our partner, but he makes you feel confident to leave the lights; now you have the ability to enjoy your body, to see their nakedness and vice versa.

3. Share stories about his sexual intimacy

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There taboo issues between couples do not touch, from intimacy with another person to self-satisfaction. It is assumed that if a couple has relations complacency should not exist, but contrary to popular belief, this practice has many benefits.

4. Sexting

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This practice is very exciting for many couples and although you must be careful, it is a good way to approach it. If you are away or that day can not meet, you do not have to stop having sex;phone calls, text messages or video calls via Skype always be the best solution.

5. Do not fall into the routine

Couple having sex on the kitchen floor

After some time, it is normal that couples fall into a sexual routine; always the same positions, the same places, the same way to start and finish. You are not, despite the time they like to keep experimenting; when something does not work anymore reinvent themselves to keep that spark in bed.

6. Sex is not the most important

Naked couple in bed

Of course, sex is important in a relationship, but may not be the most important. Are very clear that the two and their relationship is good not only when they are in bed. They both understand that passion goes beyond the skin contact of the beloved, passion is love, outputs, messages, details and everything that falls every day.

7. Jealousy does not exist

Couple lying in bed kissing

Neither is jealous about what happened with past partners, or anyone else. They both know that what they have is better than anything.

8. Do not fear to practice the Kamasutra

Couple having sex in a chair

Intimacy is not a single position, not routine. Although both feel comfortable with certain positions, they like to experiment, try new things and always keep learning.

9. They know that sex is not the solution to the problems but if a reward

Boys lying in bed cuddled

Although it may seem cliché, sex after a Epela is very rewarding, it is also a way to let off steam and end up happy. When there is a discussion, it is always good to talk things, clarify misunderstandings and then go to bed and prove how much they love each other.

10. Are you willing to experience new adventures

Couple kissing on a table

Positions, fantasies, places; anything that either of you want to try, the other is willing to do. Of course, provided they do not jeopardize their relationship or even your own person.

11. Do not press

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As women know that a good sexual partner in no hurry. He will give you your time and your space until you can reach orgasm.

12. You love your body

Couple lying naked and embracing in bed

Both enjoy their nakedness lot. He asks you to stay naked after sex, because your body loves to see; also prefer not to re-dress, if given the chance he would stay in bed all day with no clothes on your side.

13. At the end hugs you and reminds you how much he loves you

Naked couple in bed

The most important sex comes the end, when everything ends and he hugs you, snuggles next to you and tells you how much he loves you and how much you love sleeping on your side.