13 basic Rules of a woman who decides to finally love himself

We live in a world that requires us to perfect measure and social behaviors correct that make us to forget our essence. Women often receive a bombardment of information that tells us how and when to act, what we need to do to get a couple and how to keep it on our side forgetting our own happiness.

However, there is a group of women who have dared to break stereotypes without any fear and obtaining as a result in your own happiness. To achieve this, you listened to your intuition and have made their own rules, we should all put into practice.

1. Live at your own pace

chica bailando sola

Each stage of life is unique and unrepeatable.

2. Love your body

chica viéndose frente al espejo

If you approach the mirror and look carefully at your reflection, you can see the impressions of the days lived and the amazing story of your life.

3. Not dramatices

chica levantando los brazos

Enjoy every one of your emotions. Don’t go overboard with the laughter, do not cling to the crying, or yell at him when not necessary.

4. Keep your expectations

chica con la manos sucias

Do not try to fulfill the expectations that others have of you. This can lead to losing your personality.

5. Meets your desires

chica graduándose

Follow your goals but don’t forget to enjoy the life for wanting to achieve a goal. Don’t turn a desire into an obsession.

6. Feel proud of your age

pareja de adultos surfeando

Appreciate the years you have lived, the strength that you have acquired and the lessons that you have gained.

7. Ponte in the first place

chica tomando vino rosado

It is impossible to help another when you’re wrong. To share something before you need to have it.

8. Accepts the help

chico cargando a una chica

Although it is difficult to recognize that you need help from a friend or a stranger, will always be of great utility.

9. Enjoy the solitude

chica sentada sobre rocas

Do not fear to be without a partner. Remember, every minute alone with yourself and with your thoughts is an opportunity to recover your strength.

10. Take care of your space

chica abriendo la ventanas de su departamento

Please note that you must have a time for you and the others should learn to respect it.

11. Stay in harmony

chica meditando

Creates a spiritual balance with a bit of meditation. Away from the toxic people in your life.

12. Let yourself be wanting

pareja de novios abrazados

Let the people you love closer to you. Accept the gifts, caresses, and gestures of others, in the end you deserve love.

13. Create your own meaning

grupo de mujeres

All the girls are different and for each one the phrase “be a woman” has a special meaning that is created with a base of experiences.