13 intense situations that test your love relationship

13 intense situations that test your love relationship

Those who have spent years in a relationship insurance have faced most of these situations. Moments that break the stability and help to better meet the person with whom we share our livesWhether things we force them to do like a long journey in order to see a familiar or situations that come suddenly like the death of a familiar, there are situations that test our relationships. 

In the portal  Bustle they collected some of these situations, sustaining them with different expert opinions explaining why and how to deal with these situations.

Review them below:

1. Go camping

The mixture of numerous discomforts (not having bathroom, little privacy, limited space) with the wonders of going camping will show you who you really are.

“I camped with my current husband and, despite a dislocated shoulder and had torrential rain, we had a very good time , ” says Danielle Tate, the founder of  MissNowMirs.com. 

2. Losing a flight

It is a situation that tests self-control and management of negative feelings since you wake up late watching from the plane.

The way that a couple faces a problem of this type (in which time is wasted, money, and you have to fight not fight over who is at fault) can show how they will behave to more complex issues.


3. Make a long car ride together

“You see how your partner when you’re hungry, cramps, he is lost, tired and achy. Car trips can bring out the worst in people. ”

Kali Rogers, founder of  Blush Online Life Coaching. 

4. One of the two is fired or accelerate your career much faster than the other

Whether a layoff or a big promotion, change in the way people relate to their work can lead to blame for being unemployed or blame for celebrating great successes in contrast to the tranquility of the other.

“A real test for a relationship occurs when one of the two is fired. It can be a big blow to self-esteem of that person and their sense of value in the relationship (…) In addition, the person who is employed now have to pay everything, and it’s easy that inequality leads to feelings of resentment. ”

Rhonda Milrad, director and founder of  Relationup- 

5. Know the family and friends

Meet the family and friends is an important test: are people you want and expect that they can relate well together.


6. Attend a Christmas celebration with family or at work

Your partner meet the people whom you speak when you’re at home, it will form its own conclusions and try to integrate.

To make the task easier can try to touch topics of conversation that have nothing to do with work, so I do not feel excluded.


7. Adopt a dog (or other pet)

They are very tender when you look with joy from a plastic chair holding a magnificent piece of pizza in his mouth. But also they involve many responsibilities.

Veterinary, food, care, love. Having a (or other animal) dog tests the way you and your partner can agree to take care of him.

8. Fighting productively

“In some relationships, learn to fight in ways that strengthen the relationship takes years. Discuss productively is a skill that can be developed “.

-Murray Suid, co – author of  Married, etc.-

9. Discuss finance

“Although many people are not  financially supported , and continue to have very happy relationships, itis important to be able to speak openly about financial goals and begin the mentality to work together to achieve those goals.”

Paul Moyer, blogger  SavingFreak.com-

10. Make a great buy together

If you think I buy that console together with your partner was a huge investment, now that you have decided to buy a car or house itself things will get more complicated.

“Buying a car has an extra layer of stress because in most cases each person has decades of use, driving and even own a car. They tend to have clear ideas about what they like and what not. ”

Molly Lizzio, familiar therapist

11. Reply to stress your partner

Contain, help with simple chores, be present. They are simple things that show that “you are there” for your partner at a time when it needs you.

12. Overcoming a health crisis or death of a close relative

If both are mutual support in these situations, the relationship will be strengthened. They are difficult times, showing how much love and care put towards each other.

13. Reacting to good news

Insurance happened to you that you tell someone wonderful news and reacts almost sighing. Instead, when you tell if it’s the slightest story of happiness to your partner, your response and sincere joy for you it makes everything even better.