12 problems that only understood by those who can not eat anything

12 problems that only understood by those who can not eat anything

Why are there people who eat anything? You do not understand, really, although we know that you try.This does not mean you do not like to eat, actually love him, but I just love a list of things a little narrower than other humans. So for you there are some everyday things that become a real challenge, and really no one understands you. Except us.

1. What for everyone seems absolutely normal, for you it seems almost a horror movie

2. Sometimes prefer not even try because you know you will not like

3. Many times have you had to bring your own food to other places

4. actually think the problem is not you, your friends are disgusting to eat what they have in front

5. Buying food on the street? Yes, of course, and what would come next ?, eat off the floor? No thanks.

6. Sometimes you try something and it was actually better than you thought, but admit it all does not seem right

7. When you go shopping with someone and begins to fill the cart with disgusting things that you know you will not eat

8. And then you get them home from the bag and just that and you think very, very unpleasant

9. All insist that you act like a child / a but really is not your fault, you just can not eat it. It goes against your principles

10. See how all enjoy the strange food and really can not understand why they are so. It would be simpler to eat a pizza

11. Unless your friends again decide to order pizza with pineapple.That just ruins everything, and still nobody but you understand

12. Sometimes eat something just to let everyone calm, and no one appreciates your effort. But at least you know you tried and really did not like

In tastes nothing written, so not all born to love Brussels sprouts.