12 photos that prove that using dark lips does not make you an emo person

12 photos that prove that using dark lips does not make you an emo person

The lips are something beautiful and simple that can be tweaked in a thousand different, almost infinite ways. But sometimes we get tired of the colorful lips we see every day and want to see something darker, something more beautiful as they are dark lips. And it is that they look so good! It also comes to us well all dark colors, giving an exotic, mysterious and beautiful touch. If you do not yet fully convinced, these 12 pictures that prove that dark lips are the most beautiful ever created by humanity will.

1.  Jasmine Sanders knows how to look her best look “gothic” with these sexy dark lips and matadors.

2. Romee Strijd shows off her beautiful look with a deep color lips as his very soul as he prepares for DKNY catwalk

via Catwalking / Getty Images

3. This powerful purple is perfect for a glamorous night.

4. Kylie Jenner could be the pioneer to popularize the use of this color-and I appreciate it! The color that gives is really beautiful.

5. If you thought that all would be the same were wrong, because here is that you can contrast two colors and are really phenomenal.

6. A little glitter here and there are all that you need to be the star of the night.

7. I love how these two colors look! Something dark with a little pink. Pink is always good in life.

8. Kendall Jenner looks great with those dark lips walking on the catwalk in Dior. Seriously, how can anyone not like that great color?

via Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho / Getty Images s

9. If you want to try a new color, would not you like something? Do not you more beautiful than you already are with this beautiful color?

10. This plum is really unique because it has a gray tints that make it look sophisticated and beautiful at the same time, I think I’m in love!

11. Who she said dark had to be black? Watch a perhaps less traditional but beautiful and unique look.

12. And finally, a tan color with hints of orange make our dear Gigi look like a real queen on the catwalk by Anna Sui.

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