12 foods you should not consume if you want to sleep like a princess

Dinner can be complicated for many, since the food choices are varied and sometimes they are not the best for what you should actually ingest before bed. Why? If your strong food is at night, in addition to satisfying your hunger, you will also feel heavy and will not fall asleep easily.

Also, indigestion can last you until the next day and when you wake up you will not have the strength to do anything. That is why at dinner time it is advisable to avoid or simply eliminate these foods:

1. Alcohol

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It can cause reflux when lying down and although it can help you to fall asleep more quickly, alcohol has a negative effect because it alters sleep times and can interrupt sleep.

2. Refreshments

There is nothing more acid than soda, and its effervescence increases the stomach pressure.

3. Chocolate

It prevents the conciliation of sleep as it contains nutrients that improve the mood and fill the body with energy, stimulating activity and reducing the requirement of rest.

4. Cheese

This is another food high in fat, but if you really want to eat a little, hard varieties such as Parmesan or Manchego will cause less reflux than soft cheeses such as feta and mozzarella .

5. Citrus fruits

A glass of orange juice or a green apple, are your worst choices for the acid they contain, because it directly affects the stomach.

6. Coffee

In addition to being acidic in itself, the caffeine it contains generates additional gastric acid and will make you spend the night alert or at least a few hours, depending on how much you have consumed. If you really need a sip, drink decaf, which has lower than normal levels.

7. Pasta

In any of its presentations you must avoid it, because its content becomes fat after digestion, generating heaviness and contributing to the increase of blood sugar levels, which produces insomnia and prevents your rest.

8. Cereal

Cereals are rich in sugar and their consumption at night does not allow a deep sleep. If you want to consume cereal before going to sleep, the recommended ones are those that contain fiber, with low sugar levels and that you can add a small portion of fruit.

9. Condiments

Avoid spicy food, with the presence of garlic or spicy of any kind, as these foods cause heartburn and reflux, preventing good digestion and avoiding a good rest.

10. Ice cream

Consumed at night it becomes fat, contributing to the increase of weight. Also, because of the amount of sugar and milk it contains, it does not allow good digestion and generates activation of the brain, which prevents you from falling asleep.

11. Fried food

Foods with high fat abundance such as fried food, increase sleep instability, due to the difficulty it causes in digestion.

12. Red meat

Saturated protein and fat which makes digestion difficult, a process that keeps the body busy trying to digest this food, and when consumed at night can present stomach upset as spasms and even cramps that will not allow you to reconcile a deep and refreshing sleep .