Girls, when we fell in love got to do really crazy things and some pretty stupid, but there must be limits. This is what you should never do for a man.

1. Lying.

There are very conflicting boys who one way or another drag you into his abyss, making him lie to your parents, friends, teachers, etc. There are also those who ask you to be the other. Do not fall into his game, no one worth to risk your credibility and your integrity.

2. Beg.

Apologize when you are wrong you must be in your vocabulary, but beg someone to not leave your side, it is to trample your self esteem and your strength. You are worth the same with or without someone, do not recesses.

3. Forgiving infidelity.

Confidence is the most precious thing in a relationship. If someone dares to play with it and destroy it, then it’s not worth spending another second on it. Everyone has the right to a second chance, however unlikely confidence recovers.


4. Change the way you dress.

Do not let a man unsure of himself control you. Their jealousy resolved in therapy and not with you, you do not have to change the way how you dress.

5. away from your friends s.

Friends are forever, but relations not always. Do not let you away from the things you want, because when you finish, you’ll be completely alone.

6. Leave your hobbies.

Your hobbies and goals are personal. Sure, they can share common goals, but never let what you love.


7. Owing more.

Many guys are freeloaders, we have independent women, do not let you cheat, someone who loves you drive and want to share everything with you, not only sangrarte as leech.

8. pregnant.

You’ll never keep a guy at your side with a baby. If you think that is the solution for you love, then you have serious problems and should seek professional help. Having a baby should be a decision taken by both love.

9. Make your own problems.

Having an emotionally balanced partner is the best of this planet, as problems become lighter between them. But if your guy has too many problems and only you are dragging them, it is better when you can go out yet. Remember that although love him too much, some things are personal and not transferable.


10. Using drugs.

Do not let anyone make you believe that you should consume things in order to be with him. Remember that everyone has the love believes he deserves, so you deserve better.

11. Having sex by force.

That decision is in your hands. Do not let blackmailed you saying that that way you show you love. That’s a sign that you send him flying with a kick in the ass.

12. Spending all your time.

You’re not his slave, you also have things to do. Do not let them control your time and things you do. You have your own life.