11 things you should definitely do at least once a year

1. Get a physical and get an activity that you like so that you begin to exercise your body.

2. Make a visit to the general practitioner to check if everything is in order with your health.

3. If you have a pet, do the same …

4. Order your accounts well so you know what goals you want and can meet next year.

5. Clean the refrigerator and water tank.

6. Do a deep cleaning at home and get rid of everything you do not use or do not use.

7. Change your look drastically.


8. Buy something new to be released next year.

9, Make a list of goals (that you can really meet).

10. Call your loved ones to tell them how much you love them and if you need to ask forgiveness, too.

11. Rejoin your loved ones to remember anecdotes.