11 signs that show you love spending time alone

11 signs that show you love spending time alone

Spending time alone is definitely your best time of day. You think there is nothing more pleasant than to be yourself and relax without hearing anything more than what is around you, without anyone bothering you. In fact, you do not understand those people who grieves them to be alone, because you think it is necessary and underrated that we should all do in life. To you not you sad, she makes you happy and relaxes you.

1. You dream of living in a remote cabin in the woods

It’s like your life plan, because you adorar√≠as be surrounded by nature only, by logging yourself and living a more relaxed life all the noise and bustle that exists in the city.

2. You feel good eating alone

Do not sadden yourself if you have to eat alone, in fact you like and you take advantage of planning your day, or just think. No company need someone to enjoy a good breakfast, lunch or coffee. Your own company is also important.

3. Do you like to share your bed or your space

You love to have a spacious bed that you can give all the laps you want or stretch without anyone take away the space that suits you. Also, you do not like having to hear someone snoring, because you want to sleep quiet.

4. Do not pleasing dependents

You hate to invade your space and control you, so you could not bear to be with someone who is dependent on you and who wants to be with you all the time. Just do not put up with. In fact, you fall in love who share the same sense of independence and solitude you. If someone likes to spend time alone unmolested, insurance has earned your respect.

5. depresses you go to the movies alone

In fact, you enjoy going to the movies alone. You can choose the movie you want or stay to see more, if you like. You do not need company to enjoy a good movie , in fact do not usually invite anyone when you go to the movies.

6. Your paradise is being home alone, reading a book and look out the window

It is the most perfect sense of relaxation that can exist. Nobody bothers you. You can do whatever you want and how long you want, contemplating what is around you and thinking and analyzing your life and what you should do.

7. your cell phone not even take into account

You’re not those people who are all watching what happens in your phone time. You’re not the ones all day looking at social networks, because in reality even interests you. You prefer to spend time alone without anyone bothering you, let alone the sound your phone whenever notifies you something. You prefer to leave forgotten at home.

8. You enjoy traveling alone

No need company to have fun on a trip. In fact, you enjoy it more when you are alone, because you can do whatever you want and go everywhere you want for the time that suits you.

9. you rather spend the day at home, alone, instead of making plans with someone

And in fact, usually your favorite day, because it means a day of relaxation for you. In fact, you usually feel much better and more lively after spending a day at home with nothing to do.

10. You know perfectly

As you tend to spend a lot of time alone is likely to know well how you are, you have tastes and dreams you want to fulfill, because you meditate, ponder and think about yourself, more than other people do.

11. You love the cold and rainy days

It’s your perfect day, then you feel an inexplicable calm that you recharge energy to do whatever you want during the day. Like you look out the window and watch the rain falls. Or just stay in bed with chilling sound of rain that automatically acts as a natural relaxant.