11 hair styles you definitely have to use to break this season

Yes, we know that the summer you love and there is always time to talk about the hairstyles that we like us at that time of year , why? Just because it entertains and is a period in which we can play a lot with our hair.

So here I leave 11 counts of Instagram with  11 hairstyles ideas you should try if you want to leave everyone with their mouths open:

11. The braid “fishtail”

10. Double Tomatoes

9. Braid allemande in a medium tomato

8. ponytail with braid Mohicans

7. German Braid

6. Half tomato

5. A tall, curly tail

4. Backwards and with a bandana

3. Rainbow Waves

2. braided Aureola

1. German Braid double

 What is your favorite?