10 ways to wear pants without looking disarranged

The pants are wrongly associated only with days of laziness or sport, but really can give incredible applications that make garments instantly super chic .

Use them with tennis as you normally do but give a twist to your blouse and accessories or add heels or flats . Check out these 10 ways in which you can wear your pants without looking disheveled.

1. Accessories and shoes you would wear with a skirt or jeans

2. Why not? With high-heeled sandals

3. Add some moccasin style shoes

4. O heels highlighting the outfit

5. A leather jacket does not go wrong

6. And you can wear a crop top or ombliguera

7. For the winter combines with a maxisuéter

8. Or complements with a plaid shirt and colored tennis

9. A casual touch with cardigans and flats

10. Forget about tennis and wear boots better.