Baby oil is wonderful for us out of trouble. Then we’ll tell you 8 ways you can use this oil.

I assure you that after reading this you’ll bring one in your bag.

1. Unraveling chains.

It has happened to all of us that our chains are entangled so that it seems impossible to untangle the knots. For this you can put the chains in a bowl with a little oil and see how easy it will separate them without breaking them.

Tangles neck

2. Remove paint from your skin.

When repairs are done at home ended up filled with paint in the body, it is very difficult to remove unless we tallemos very strong. But to solve this problem we can untarnos a little baby oil and remove the stain with a cloth easily. Very useful!

painting walls

3. Use it to give  massages.

A comparison of creams oil lasts longer baby, achieves a more relaxing sensation on the skin and also will leave much smoother.


4. Remove earwax from your ear.

For more disgusting it may sound, it is quite natural that some people are formed much earwax inside your ears. If you suffer from this we recommend to 5X warm baby oil droplets and then lie on the opposite side of the affected ear. After a short time using a cotton swab to clean easily what you had inside.

ear wa

5. Remove makeup.

We recommend using baby oil to remove your makeup, you not only help make your skin stay soft, but you are indirectly helping your eyelashes and eyebrows are more bright and beautiful than ever.


6. For very cold days.

It is an excellent alternative for those days you have to leave your home and muchísmo cold outside. Apply it on your face, ears, nose and hands, you’ll notice the change at that moment.


7. Avoid and / or reduces stretch marks during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and do not have much money to buy expensive products to prevent stretch marks, rub baby oil regularly in your belly. It is an excellent technique that you would appreciate having done on time.


8. Make your hardwood floors shine.

If you have a wooden floor, simply put little baby oil to make them shiny and spectacular. Obvious asks people of the house to wait a bit to go back through the area you cleaned.

wooden floor

9. Remove gum, wax, band-aids.

It is the easiest way to remove gum, believe me.

remove bubble

10. Clean bags or boots.

Give them a unique shine your boots, bags or even leather car seats.You just have to pass a cloth moistened with baby oil. The result will be amazing and will keep your accessories in good condition.

clean bags