10 types of men that you should stay away before it’s too late

10 types of men that you should stay away before it's too late

Women are complicated, but who says that men do not … Well, I do not think so. Just as there are avariety of dangerous women of every man who wants to be happy should flee, there is also a series of highly controversial boys of no girl should take care. Of course, love is too relative and categoricemos although both genders, each person has their tastes and interests . I have a friend who loves the dramatic personalities, and of course, I guess you feel comfortable with that. Anyway, if you need to know what kind of guy you away, here are some:

1. The lout

Typical boy trying to conquer at all costs and the only thing he thinks about is you and have some fun.It is able to lie if necessary.

2. One for all

Like the boor, this kind of man looking to have something with a girl but does not care if he succeeds or not. Their only interest is to look several other women.

3. The expressionless

Nobody has anything against the man are expressive if they are good people and intelligent. But if you’re too emotional girl, stay away, the truth is going to get hurt by things of personality.

4. Intellectual

It is the “wise guy” who is always questioning everything without stopping. Of course it’s OK to criticize the system and injustices, but not everything has to be bad all the time.

5. The vicious

There are girls who love this kind of men and we all know why. Men with vices represent something forbidden, the bad guy, and that something that women love. If you’re dating someone like that it is fine, but make sure you do not stick your bad habits or end up harming you.

6. The most sensible thing

A sensitive man is one of the sweetest things that exist. Women love guys who feel in the depths of his being our emotions and those of others, but everything has a limit. If it gets to mourn all, help him, but do not feel it’s your fault … You’re not his mother.

7. The cheapskate

One thing to be responsible with money and other not spend it at all. I know that many men are stingy because they feel that women will “squeeze money” and that does not escape reality. However, it is not so.

8. The intense

How good to be loved. but you would say every two seconds starts to look suspicious. Most of these men are very insecure and although they are not bad people, it will be a difficult task to make them feel confident. Up to you and love.

9. The psychopath

If you call, mensajea, spy and a lot of things every 5 minutes, flees. Men who need too much attention or have certain problems with self-confidence eventually react in unexpected ways, and that could hurt you a lot.

10. Your ex

This man you already know and do not need to talk about it. My dear, if completed was for something, let him live his life and you yours.

What do you think?