I must confess something that until recently was causing me a bit of shame … I’ve never had a boyfriend well (formally).

Although I’ve dated guys never have crossed my path (or possibly already and has let go) a guy who really inside me make me feel that “emotion” that many feel to be willing to devote my time to confess my secrets and give my trust.

Sometimes they say I’m a bit closed for this and do not know, could it be that they are right, but neither look like a defect. I’m just hoping to meet someone I identify and which worth sharing part of my life …

If you feel identified with this I’m living, you probably also have passed these things.

Your parents have uncomfortable conversations with you and ask you: Daughter, you’re gay?

And they are uncomfortable not because they think I can be gay, but because they like 5 times playing the same issue and is tired clarify that although I like men, not achievement totally identify with any of those I know.

The time when most detest not have a boyfriend, is at family events like weddings, baptisms, etc …

And for example, if you ask a friend to go with you, when you present the event is very uncomfortable when they ask you: Is your boyfriend?and your answer … No, my friend!

Your brothers annoy you because you have no boyfriend, but I get jealous when you go to the movies with a guy

That is, they are not happy with anything.

Your friends try to introduce them as very “discreetly” to many of his friends

Sometimes it is hated because you know that they may believe that you are “urged” or something.

Sometimes it makes you want to have a serious boyfriend, but you realize the problems that all your friends have with their partners and you spend

As is.


More than once you’ve gotten to laugh like crazy (for nerves) when a guy asks you to be his girlfriend

And that laugh is your defense mechanism to make him understand that “you’re going to think” but actually you know that the answer is: No.

The worst time to not have a boyfriend is when you feel sad

Those nights when you fight with your parents, friends or siblings is when do you need to have someone to mourn.

Your older cousins or aunts treat you like you’re the little girl and innocent girl in the family

As you have never seen or even kiss another guy, they still believe that you are an innocent child who does not know life. It really is terrible.

We believe that despairs that all live depressed

I do not understand the folly of those around you believing that you live super depressed and have mental problems. We do not have boyfriend “good” does not mean go out with boys, willing to live someone listen to us or the like. If we have no boyfriend, it is because they simply do not want to waste time (or let them lose) to another person, that simple.

There is always a guy that you say: With that to marry me! But he may not even know of your existence

The sad truth…