10 things I never told you when we were dating

When a relationship ends you feel that the world is falling apart and that there is no reason to continue; You think about it all the time, memories are painful and loneliness embraces you at every moment.

The hardest part is recognizing the part where you failed and knowing now there is no going back. There are things you have not yet said, and even if it’s late, you’d like to do it just to heal your soul. These are some of the things we did not say when we were still together.

1. Sorry for unjustified jealousy

Sometimes you reacted badly and did not understand that he could also have friends without them liking or vice versa. You burst into shouts and words of those who now repent.

2. Sorry for the bad times

Surely now you’re ashamed of making him go through bad times when he was with his friends or relatives, those times he went out with them to play or a party and you called him angry because he thought he was with another girl.

3. Sorry to demand without merit

On several occasions you asked for too many things, material or emotional. It does not matter, because you clearly know that you rarely did the same thing for him.

4. Sorry for getting angry for no reason

You fucked up when you did bad things at school or anywhere else that had nothing to do with him.

5. Sorry for deceive

There came a point in the relationship where you felt bored. You made the mistake of being unfaithful when sending messages to other guys or sneaking out.

6. Sorry to keep you waiting

Maybe he never said anything, but you knew he hated unpunctuality, and anyway you made him wait.

7. I liked your details

He always did small things that you did not value like going by you to the office, sending you text messages, taking you to dinner, covering you with the cold, the rain even the sun.

8. No one had ever made me laugh like you

Only he could make you smile without pretending.

9. Thanks for being in difficult times

He accompanied you in your failures, during death a loved one, when you believed you were pregnant or when you fought horrible with your parents. There was no time when he did not tell you that everything was fine.

10. I wish you’d stay

And Finally, today you realize that he was the man that every woman dreams and you just let him go.