10 Things Every Parent Should Know of her daughter

No book, manual or a school to explain exactly what is paternity; There are also afternoon tea to talk about it among friends. It’s something you learn only with time and experience.

However, if you have a daughter there are some recommendations that will help to raise her and educate her and, above all, to be a better father to her.

father and daughter

1. More loving, less gifts

While material things are necessary in our daily life, she did not remember more fondly in the future compared the love that you can give him every day, for example, with a simple hug.

2. Always need your love

Over time they will go through various stages: periods, boyfriends, dating, even discuss and come when they will not live together. But she will always need the love that only you can give.

3. Your arms are their protection

And we talked about the fact not abandon despite the circumstances. Now remember, like his father will always be his hero, the best of all; she will seek refuge in your arms at all times, so just let yourself be loved, narrow it so strong you feel comforted at all times.

father and daughter

4. You are the man to choose model

Analyze your behavior and ask yourself: “I am the man I want for my daughter?”. If your answer is yes, I congratulate you; if it were to be negative, do not worry. Remember that all fail and you’re still in time to improve her.

5. Teach them to love and respect

Today woke up and slept bombarded by hundreds of advertisements that tell us how we should look and behave. It is therefore important to teach your child to love and respect. Use the power of your words; afírmale his heart is more beautiful than his appearance and that makes it unique.

6. Do not let promises in the air

When you promise something, I stick to it! Nothing will be more encouraging for her to see a promise made. This will build trust, and if you could not perform as promised talk to her, do not let things forgotten. Most likely she will always remember.

Pope cooking with her daughter

7. Never criticize

Trust your decisions. It is said that women are insecure by nature, however, what we are because nobody taught us to be firm at all times. It is therefore important to not criticize, whatever their decision; if it does not fit with your thoughts, looking for an alternative way to let them know, without falling into destructive criticism.

8. Ask him to teach you to do what she does best

So is. No matter if the best you can do is comb your hair, makeup, play area, making sand castles or even build legos. Follow their instructions to the letter and thank him for teaching you something new.

Dad and daughter playing

9. Teach him to defend himself

Teach him to defend himself is not about instilling blows or insults; It is much more poetic, by naming it in some way. You must show him how to be compassionate, how to defend the weak and be always on the side of justice, so that she can apply it in their daily life.

10. Enjoy your paternity

In your role as father many people will compare, they give their views and even criticize you.However, I can tell you that the best upbringing for her dictate your heart when together. So intensely enjoy every minute at his side.