10 styles of pink lenses mirror which looks amazing on all eyes

Your look says a lot and may become more enigmatic with lenses cop shades , the kind of sunglasses that police have seen wearing in Hollywood movies. The rimmed mirror glasses remain trendy.

Sunglasses of this type are actually heritage of sports, since finishing outside mirror significantly reduces the amount of light able to pass through the lens and now we can use not only as a utilitarian accessory, but also as part of the outfit , doing combinations of retro styles, contemporary, cat-eye, sports, and so on .

1. With a retro touch
With a retro touch

2. Style Art Deco
Style Art Deco

3. Something darker
Something darker

4. single frame
single frame

5. With a golden touch

With a golden touch

6. For athletes
 For athletes

7. Cat-eye

8. Something Classic
Something Classic

9. geometric shapes
geometric shapes

10. Plans and very linear
Plans and very linear