10 signs you both like and do not dare to say

10 signs you both like and do not dare to say

When the chemistry between two people begins to flow, it is normal for certain situations but somewhat uncomfortable cute occur. Usually we do not dare to take the first step by fear to look like the “lonely love” and be rejected by the other person, but there are certain details (rather hunches) thatour instinct perceives that drive us to express everything . Eyes are too fixed, very tense conversations, mood swings and excessive interest between what makes us assume that there is”something more” than friendship and how do I know? There is no formula to know each other’s feelings, rather than jump into the void and scream it all, but if there are some things you can pay attention to feel more secure about it :

1.Ojos in you

Many times you look without it, or just be on when you turn around he’s watching you.

2. changing moods

Sometimes you feel that you love and sometimes hate it … you starting to fall, beware!

3. about without reason

Suddenly you’re taking a drink or watching the infinite and just to talk about and ask what you do.

4. You smile all the time

He smiles when you talk, laugh at jokes and stories that you tell silliest and you feel the same.

5. Conversations very close

They are talking and nowhere are a few centimeters from “something else”.

6. Goodbye personal space

Inevitably, whenever you are in a strange situation end and too close.

7. Interest in what you think

Mind you know what it does or how it has gone, and he lives wondering the same thing. Even they begin to be asked opinions.

8. remembers you

A Wednesday afternoon, a normal day at any time write to tell you that he saw something that reminded you. You, of course, you remember all day.

9. Do not forget what you say

You said you liked the chocolate cake with sprinkles, raspberry sauce, hazelnut cream, cut into triangles and he remembers. You, you know everything and more of your life.

10. Details

No reason (or all), appears with a gift for you. A chocolate, a pen, whatever. In addition, it is set in the color of your nails (and for a man to notice that, there are only two options: either likes you or is not on your side).

And you, do you know more signs?