10 Signs to know that you have found the man that you should spend the rest of your life

When you are looking for the man who will share the rest of your life, you want to have certain qualities, because you want to be happy at his side. Falling in love is how to get to our home. All concerns are gone and you feel protected in the arms of your partner. It is as if time disappeared and suddenly you felt a little lost, but how do you know if he is really the person with whom you will share a ‘forever “and not just a fantasy?

Women can be frivolous and calculators, but deep down we like to believe in marriage. For better or worse, we dream of that moment when the frog becomes the prince and the “they lived happily ever after.” But as deep down we know that fairy tales do not exist, here are the 10 signs that let you know you’ve found the man with whom you spend the rest of your life:

1. You can be yourself at all times

Gift of the movie Titanic.  Couple laughing.
There are good and bad days, but it has a special gift to make you smile even in difficult times.He always finds the right words and arms seem to have a sort of natural sedative that not manage to explain. In his eyes, you are special for the simple fact of being you. It is impossible for perfect luzcas 24 hours a day, there are times when all you want to do is rest on your stained pants, he understands because he is with you and still you find beautiful. The most important thing is that he always believed to shine, and you can always be yourself.

2. Your happiness is your happiness, and vice versa

Couple dancing in a room.
You know he is the one for you because every time you are together, you feel the happiest woman in the universe. And he always puts your welfare even if it means you can not have any benefit. The man with whom you should marry, is a man who gives without condition, because your interests are now yours. It made possible by making you smile and looking how to balance work and home. Some stages are more difficult than others, but always looking for ways to let you know that has not forgotten you.

3. All I want to do is be with him

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No matter what mood you are, you’d rather be with him than alone. Listens patiently as you open your mind, you can be sure you can spend hours talking about any topic and he will support you in all the decisions you make or at least you will honestly know their views. His confidence and passion you positively influence, which makes the relationship even more exciting.

4. The attraction is noticeable to the four winds

Gift couple kissing passionately.
They not even have to brag on social networks; every time he looks at you, his gaze lost in your eyes and a halo of complicity perceptible to the four winds is created. Physically and emotionally, they are supported at all levels. The chemistry between you is powerful enough to block any other adverse situation. Even do as small as going to the supermarket stuff, it’s better if he’s with you.

5. Want to share any experience with it

Gift of couple dancing on the rain.
When you are in a place and not, are you surprised thinking that you would have liked to share that moment with him. And the future does not scare you because you know it will be by your side to take care of yourself. When something funny happens or you get good news, immediately you share and when you’re listening to music and sounds a cheesy song, you can not help but share. And, although sometimes hate to admit this, you get more desire to do something if he is part of the plan because they always spend good times together, no matter where or persons accompanying them.

6. think the same about the romance

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Not only share many tastes, they also share the idea of how it should be the perfect romance.Sometimes they are as in the middle of a movie with all that inexplicable magic. Whatever your definition of romance -Meals intimate, long road trips, be cuddled in bed he shares with you and would do anything to make this possible.

7. The fights are only a pretext for reconciliation

Gift of the film A three meters above the sky.
Everything is composed of chiaroscuro and although their relationship prevailing sunny days, there is also gray time. Fortunately, times have argued for something, he finds a way to get back to your happy state. In fact, fighting can be perfect because with reconciliation bind more. Being committed is the best choice because both can be happy. And if they fight, in the end, they can not stay angry for long.

8. You have a kind of gift of soothsayer

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Not only listens to you, you can also read between the lines and anticipate your needs without you having to ram them know all the time. He is attentive and always has good intentions. You know exactly what you’re trying to say without having to explain. They help each other grow and become people who want to be.

8. accepts you as you

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No matter if you are a woman full of flaws because he only sees your qualities. You are more disastrous, more screaming, and perhaps less funny than he, but he loves you and makes you feel good about all those things you may not like yourself. Raves about you with their friends because he is proud that’re at his side. He knows everything about you, good and bad, and appreciates them, because they are part of who you are.

10. No doubt he wants to spend his life with you

Photo embracing couple.

No doubt for an instant that wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Sometimes they fantasize together on who will take breakfast in bed and the two smile of happiness every time they touch the subject. If you feel identified with most of these points, congratulations, you are right next to the man!