10 signs that you stay forever in the “Friendzone”

10 signs that you stay forever in the "Friendzone"

The term “frienzone” results from the combination of the word “friend” (friend) and “zone” (zone in English), of course, it is not necessary to explain the origin of the word when all know their meaning, more, they have felt in the flesh.

The story goes like this: you have a friend or close friend that starts dropping hints all day, however, do not know if it’s your imagination or really likes you. The worst thing is not there, it begins when you realize that you like your friends and or have no idea what happens.

Are you in the “friendzone” ?, look at this

1.Ven a film, and the end to see.

2. You ask for a Friend

3. You give away things “friends”.


4. You say you’re “the best”.

5. He tells you not want to spoil the friendship very often.

6. They sleep together and nothing.

7. You only looking when it suits.

What do you think?