10 signs that you are happy in a relationship

If you think a bit, relationships are strange. Start with your best version: impeccable hair, eyebrows delineated, shaved legs, all in perfect condition, and half a year later, you find undyed roots, the troubler eyebrows and legs … well, the legs are another story.

But you’re happy because you found a person with whom you do not have to look perfect all the time. It is a real relationship and most importantly, he loves you beyond your physical appearance. These are the 10 most common signs that you are happy in a relationship:

1. They can laugh together almost any situation

Couple laughing together as they frolic.

They feel so comfortable and have achieved a level of profound identification, which are able to identify when something is a joke and laugh soundly without one of the two be offended or hurt.

2. They share everything, even the account Netflix

She took him to his cheeks.

They trust each other and feed their common interests to see the same series or some films that they talk later.

3. Do not always respect personal spaces, and nothing happens

Couple she is smiling and kissing in bed.

Sometimes they come to invade personal space showing one side not entirely aesthetic, but they are happy.

4. already passed the stage of gases

She faced angry.

Men and women have the same basic needs. Although some are not so nice, they accept them and even make fun of them.

5. They made a playlist for relaxing moments

Couple with headphones on.

The rapport between the two has reached such a point that they have many common musical tastes and share special moments.

6. Do not have to do extraordinary things all the time

Ted movie scene.

There are days where they can be quiet and comfortable without leaving home, they can even walk in pajamas and invite your friends to an afternoon movie.

7. You can be yourself

Screaming man looking scared.

You do not have to pretend in any way. You show yourself as you are with confidence and do not feel invaded or vulnerable in doing so.

8. Discuss how will your children

He clutching her nose.

Neither you are offended or afraid to take the relationship to another level.

9. trust him

Couple giving a kiss.

Never you check your phone or your computer. You know it is happy with you and you have no reason to be afraid of what you do.

10. not mind gaining a few kilos

Couple watching TV and eating.

Do not try to look like a skeletal model because you know he loves you beyond appearance.They eat whatever they like without worrying too much about the physical.