10 signs that show you that diet you follow is not correct

10 signs that show you that diet you follow is not correct

Losing weight is a big deal today, people walk looking l a way to be thinner or simply eat healthier to improve their health, but the truth is that most do not resort to a nutritionist to start a diet. people are driven by urban councils about what “is good or not”, and based on the results of a known start a strict diet. Although I am in favor of it is not necessary to go to a nutritionist to eat well, of course it is if what you want is to lose a lot of weight. If you are dieting at this time and you feel identified with several of these points, it is time to change the change:

1. Quedas hungry

Ideally on a diet it is not to eat less but better. Eye if you’re being hungry, your body will not lose weight, on the contrary, your metabolism will slow down.

2. You skip breakfast

You spent about eight hours without eating or drinking anything, do you think that is good for body t wait until lunch?

3. Need more coffee

Need more coffee is a sign that you do not have enough energy, that is, you’re not eating well.

4. Do not eat all meals

Eat once or twice a day does not count as diet …

5. You desvives by some sugar

Of course if you stop to eat a little sugar will give “slumps”, but in these cases you should eat snacks or nuts that diet specified.

6. Does not contain enough fruit

Every good diet should contain fruits. So that fruits have too much sugar is true, but are full of nutrients you need.

7. Very few carbs

Sure you can reduce carbs, but make sure you are eating enough according to your daily activity. Each diet should be molded to the rhythm of life you lead.

8. Problems in the bathroom

Probably if you start a diet rich in fruits and vegetables you’ll die in the bathroom. Therefore it is necessary that all your meals are balanced … Remember it is not clean stomach, it is a diet.

9. Dolores

If you head began to ache or some other part of the body is not good sign that you’re eating well.Headaches are the key to knowing that you are not following a diet according to your body symptom.

10. Fainting

The important thing to go to a nutritionist before starting the diet is that you will do certain tests to determine to what extent can or can not stop eating certain things. All bodies are different and that there are varieties of diets. Also, go unless you suffer from any special conditions such as anemia and propensity to swoon end up there due to improper diet.

You know, better see a specialist first.