10 Signs that indicate you if you are suffering from emotional abuse in your relationship

All relationships have good times and bad times. But if your relationship most of the time makes you feel anxious, afraid and sometimes do not understand why you feel that way, then you should start paying attention because you’re probably being a victim of emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse compared to physical abuse, leaves no marks on the body, but is equally or more harmful than any other type of violence effects. You can start subtly, but if you can not stop suddenly you see locked in a dead end. If you think your relationship has probably fallen into emotional abuse but you’re not sure, here are 10 warning signs that will help you put a stop.

1. There are constantly reviews

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Criticism can be subtle, from a comment on how you are dressed up the way you behave in life.Suddenly they will be ‘simple’ criticisms be true humiliations that make you feel small and worthless.

2. Does not support things that interest you

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You’re probably having the time of your professional life, you are fulfilling your dreams or decide to venture something new but when you express it, he is not interested. Sometimes even it is shown up annoying. Wants you satisfied with what you have, do not go beyond. Your success will not generate happiness and does not believe you deserve something good in your life.

3. We blame for problems

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If he has a problem at work, with your family or your life in general, always finds a way to make you feel guilty about all the problems happening around them; for example, if he did not finish any pending work, I blame you for having called two minutes.

4. Makes offensive jokes and sarcasm used against you

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Jokes and jokes can be funny, but not when they are used to make fun of you. He is constantly looking for a reason to make fun of you and if you complain about it, arguing that the victim ‘are too sensitive’ is made. Then it makes you wonder if you’re really reacting in an exaggerated way when deep down you know it’s not.

5. Do not sit well your family or your friends

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A clear sign of an abusive relationship is emotionally when expressed disgust about the people around you, especially your family and friends. He gets jealous when a man comes up to you, no matter if your brother or your best friend. Always look for flaws in your friends and even reaches insulting members of your family. He wants to get away from the people around you and be the center of attention in your life.

6. You apply the ‘silent treatment’

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When you do something that is not to your liking, turns his back to you. Ignores you, he stops talking, behaves as if it did not exist until it makes you feel bad, full of guilt and remorse and ask forgiveness accomplished that.

7. It is very changeable in his way of being with you

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When good and the relationship is going well, it is the most romantic and loving world, but when something bad happens, it becomes a monster. You can change the way they treat you in seconds, always attacking first.

8. Do not care how you sit with the relationship

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When a conflict arises in the relationship and you want to express how you feel, it closes all communication channel. Avoid difficult conversations and prefers to act as if nothing happened.It makes you feel that you feel does not matter.

9. When you try to end it, it victimizes

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If you fall into the account of what is going on and decide to end the relationship, he reacts as a victim. You remember all the plans they had, you feel the worst person and manipulates you into believing that you are not valuing what he gives you, so you stay manages beside it ensures that later regret.

10. It makes you feel that you are the problem

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You always have an excuse for his actions because he has managed to convince yourself that the things you do are because you deserve. It makes you believe that your expectations about love are too high and he’s just a poor boy who makes the impossible to achieve but can not and you do not know value.