When we say ‘yes I do’ (to be his girlfriend obvious) boys are more than excited with us, everything seems perfect, until our imperfections But pleasing them! As more we get to know, the more comfortable we feel to get all our arsenal of annoying phrases.

And just it is these that your boyfriend is sick of hearing:

“I have nothing”

The girls usually get upset about many things (Do not lie to themselves saying no) when we do not want to speak to not sound like a crazy psychopath or some exaggerated, we prefer to tell our guy that we have “nothing” .¡Pero he knows we do have something! Then it will not bother because they say apart to fix it.

“I’m five little minutes”

happens to all us that we took in the shower, we get to study or watch a series, then when time comes our boy and we’re still not ready we panic and we say “I’m in five minutes.” Do not! we all know that is a lie and we simply will take at least an hour and your boyfriend knows.


“You should be more like him”

This also applies to the question “Why you do not do things like that?”.Your child may feel bad about not meet your expectations, obviously he makes his effort with gifts, details and words. Relax and do not look at what others have, watch your thing.

“I see myself fat?”

The question with less sense of the world, if you feel you look fat why you ask your boyfriend? Because one of two, he will say no because you do not want a fight or may be honest, you say yes and ends in a fight. Any answer will fight Please do not ask!


“That will not combine” or “Are you going to wear that?”

Perhaps more than has happened to us a guy tell us “You are very encuerada” and we upset a lot, because the same goes with them. We are all free to choose what we will get and how to dress. Unless you want to wear a wedding and tennis and short case there if you take the phrase!

“I do not know what you want”

Uuuuyyyy the best of all and the most frequent. When you ask what you want dinner, where to go, what time passes you, what movie to see, etc. and answer “do not know”. The kids love to have decision you tell what you like and how you like it, you do not let him the responsibility to choose something that you might not pleasing.


“What time will you turn off your game?”

What game is an example, children have the right to have fun with their video games, watching football, exercising, among other things. What you can do is get to play, watch or do that makes him fun and you too, if not then understand that you teach, the joke is to live together and share passions.

“It does not take 10 seconds or answer”

You have to respect the schedule of work or study your guy, even when you’re driving, I know it’s very frustrating not knowing him and worry, but give your space. I also know that it does not take more than 10 seconds answer, but there are days when you just can not do it, period, not frustrated by trifles.

what you want

“All sentences that include a TU AMIGUITA”

The deadliest sentences the world, all phrase that contains the word “Your little friend” will enrage, first because it does not like to be contemptuous of her friends and second because they do not trust him.Instead of your sentences “insinuadoras” talk to him directly and tell him what bothers you about her friends or him in particular.

“I’m not in the mood”

Well, maybe it does not apply in all cases, for example when you want to get out and walk in your days. Another case where if your guy can get angry is when after a fight, he tries to be content with cariñitos or jokes and do not let is trying Quiet!