10 Reasons to love your small breasts and feel proud of them

One thing is certain in all this: women we are never satisfied with what we have. If you have large breasts because we have great, if we have small because they are too small; and he never lack me wish I had lank, or Chinese hair, or larger or smaller hips eyes. Women ultimately human nature.

However, if instead of complaining about the gifts that God has given us we could meditate on all the benefits of having a body like ours then we would see life from another perspective.

Photos young small bust.

If you go on the train girls with small breasts these are 10 benefits that will make them love them and not deny them anymore.

1. You look much younger

Colombian singer Shakira.

As the years go by and you realize that your breasts will not make you look like a teenager but simply as someone younger, you will understand why it is good to appreciate. Large breasts fall over time and make her look an older woman; of you, you never have to deal with that problem.

2. guaranteed Placer

A scene from the movie Three Steps Above Heaven.

Do not go with the feint of what stereotypes and marketing are able to make you believe.Researchers at the University of Vienna found that large breasts are 24% less sensitive than small breasts. What does that mean for you and your pretty cup A? As your breasts have less fat, they are easier to stimulate during foreplay! More movement, more sensitivity, more fun …

3. low-cut blouses why not?

Model on a catwalk.

One of the main problems of using these fascinating necklines fashion catwalks is to find underwear that fits your needs; and then when you the evidence you that dress that would make you look like a queen you realize that does not look the same on you, unless you have small breasts … and you can wear that dress quietly and without even looking lovely bra.

4. You can be sure that men look you in the face

Gift Emma Watson

Yes, men who only like women with large breasts are superficial and science proves are also sexist. According to a study at the University of Westminster, which examined the connection between sexism in men and breast size, men considered most attractive large breasts also see women as “meek and weak”.

5. Botonazo? That’s not for you

Singer lifting her blouse.

You can use any type of shirt, including buttons and be sure you’ll have no problem. Shirts, come for them!

6. You have better posture

Mula Kunis photoshoot.

One of the main problems facing girls with big breasts are the constant back problems that cause them to have them so big, posture is always a problem; but you can walk without care, exercise and jump and do not worry about leaving half of the girls outside.

7. You can choose any bra

Different types of brassieres.

¿Cheap bras? ¿Lace bras and no support? Is that training bra bright pink polka dots and calling your attention? Buy it! In the section of brassieres you have many more options than a person with a big chest. Do not you want to wear a bra? You can too.

8. You join the club

Artists of small breasts.

Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Paltrow … and the list goes on. You are a member of this fierce community of attractive women with small breasts.

9. You can prevent breast cancer more easily

Jenifer Aniston in a scene from Friends.

Did you know that your small chest can also save your life? It can help prevent breast cancer. It is easier to detect a lump in smaller breasts in self-exams, because there are fewer layers.

10. Summer is your time

Youth in swimsuit.

There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman with small breasts wearing all kinds of bikinis on the beach. Strapless, backless, whatever. Activities and typical clothing hottest months are all in your favor. Go ahead, riding a bike in your bikini! Jogging salt in your sports bra. Run the ocean, they are not going to go anywhere!