10 Reasons to give and receive hugs all the time

It is said that we need between 4 and 12 hugs a day to be happy, and it makes sense: no one can deny the powerful energy that feels to embrace another. And it is much more than the closeness with another body; embrace means to accompany, support and is one of the largest displays of affection between two people.

But there are more reasons why we like hugs. In addition to that nice feeling of closeness, there are other advantages to embrace that represent great benefits to emotional and physical health, as we show you below.

1. Help to communicate without words

gif girls hugging

2. Improves mood

gif characters hugging toy story

3. Increased security and confidence

gif couple hugging

4. Reduce anger

gif girls hugging

5. It helps to overcome emotional and physical blockages

gif couple hugging

6. Relieves stress and anxiety

gif giving friends group hug

7. Strengthens the immune system

gif sisters hugging

8. Lowers Blood Pressure

gif girls hugging

9. Increases motivation and attention

gif embrace friends

10. Contributes to the balance of the nervous system

gif guys hug