10 memorable movie kisses that are physically impossible to do in real life

Over the years, movies have built in our minds the most diverse and varied fantasies, so much so that some believe that aliens are as tender as ET or that the Matrix theory has some logic behind. Sometimes fanaticism is such that we come to believe that even the most incredible kisses we have seen on the screen are possible to imitate in real life, and no, they are not.

I do not want to disappoint them, but if possible, never try to kiss like the characters in these 10 memorable movie scenes. The disappointment could be too great.

1. Spider Man

Never missing the man who tries to please a woman decides that doing this type of kiss is a great idea. No, it is not, unless you want to spend torticolis the rest of your days. Otherwise, from a small age we are told that if we are upside down we will have blood on our heads. That might explain why Spiderman became such a stupid being in the following films.

2. Match Point

One of the great lies that has given us the cinema is the idea that kissing in the rain is the most romantic thing that could happen to you. That is false, when you kiss in the rain you have more risk of contracting pneumonia than an unforgettable memory. “Real” couples spend more time complaining about cold and mud than about kissing. And by the way, not everyone is as handsome as these actors, so when we get wet we do not become sexier, but we become disasters.

3. Noa’s diary

Sadly, this kiss will never be possible, since from the start, one would have to have the same love story of those two, and we know (deep down in our hearts) that that is impossible.

4. Ghost

For metaphysical reasons, it is very unlikely that we can have such a romantic kiss in our lives. And hopefully so, otherwise it would be disturbing.

5. The Planet of the Apes

It is one thing to kiss a dog, a cat or a pet, but from there to kiss an ape, impossible !, why would a monkey kiss a human?

6. Secret in the mountains

Let’s be fair, no one can match the passion and pain that Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal feel when kissing. Many couples will be able to imitate this kiss, but nobody can match them.

7. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

In this scene Han Solo fulfills the sexual fantasy of many geeks in the world: Kissing Princess Leia. Unfortunately, Star Wars fans will never resemble the Harrison Ford of the 70’s, and at the same time, their girlfriends will never disguise themselves as the princess. It is more feasible to kiss Chewbacca.

8. My first kiss

The first kiss is uncomfortable, weird and leaves you with more doubts than smiles. I remember seeing this movie on television two weeks before my first kiss and no, it was nothing tender. In fact, I never saw that girl again.

9. Dirty Dancing

Assume it, in real life you will never have a scene as hot or sensual as this movie unless you hire a Choreographer before kissing.

10. Back to the Future