10 Habits you must adopt to be Feliz Scientifically proven!

In itself, the concept of happiness is relative because it can not be measured how much we have achieved, and is subjective because everyone has different aspirations that will make you experience that feeling.

Happiness can be found when looking good for everyone. It is a sum of moments that make us feel full and satisfied with something, someone or ourselves.

1. Attitude

Given the different situations that can arise in our life, whether good or bad, the key is how we face them. Like all events, they are made of moments and pass away. Nothing is forever, so you have to enjoy and learn the good from the bad.

2. Acceptance

CNO open arms Happy woman smiling on the beach

A basic aspect to feel full is love yourself, accept yourself as you are and appreciate what you have. When faced bad times, “surrender” instead of fighting what happens is part of accepting the process of life.

3. Forgiving

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If there is hatred and resentment will be difficult to feel good about yourself. When you forgive, you are able to let go, to break free of guilt and negative feelings that ruin your character and your health.

4. Taking care of your body

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This is not to be exercising all day to be thin but a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and moderate exercise, something that anyone can accomplish: simply walking 30 minutes makes a difference.

 5. Have faith

Chava looking at the sky

Faith is trusting the meaning of life, which gives us peace of mind and frees the soul. The Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno wrote: “Faith that does not doubt is dead faith.” Faith is knowing that there is always a light at the end.

6. Goals

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A goal is a target date, ie short, medium or long term. Define the time will make that goal is a challenge to our mind, an invitation to show what we are capable of.

7. Helping others

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They say that by helping others we help ourselves, for we find self-satisfaction and therefore welfare. Some studies suggest that helping others is reflected in better health and longevity.

8. Sleep well

sleeping woman

Sleeping allows rest our body and mind, recovering from their daily activity. Apparently the lack of sleep affects our mind reminding us more easily the negative aspects of our lives.

9. Do the right thing

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There is no single way to do the right thing, but we know that we have achieved if we are morally right and unapologetic. We must remember that the things we do must be, first, good for everyone, no matter what people say.

10. Smile

young smiling

To laugh, you relax the muscles of the body and liberate endorphins, responsible for making us feel happy and reduce stress levels. The more the brain is stimulated to release this chemical, you will feel happier and relaxed.

Remember that “Happiness is intimate, not outside; and therefore it does not depend on what we have, but what we are “(Henry Van Dyke).