10 Habits that make you a less attractive person

10 Habits that make you a less attractive person

There are people who look good, but as you know them, you just want to run away.

Thousands of people daily spend time and money on looking good: buy clothes, cut their hair with a good stylist or use an expensive perfume. It is true that we all like to look good and worry about our appearance, but the problem is that sometimes we get stuck on the way and not at the bottom, and sometimes, by focusing only on the outside, we fail to get attention as human beings spiritual and connected. 

Have you noticed that there are people who are extremely attractive to the eye but, as you know them a little more, all you want is to run away?

This happens precisely because, although we see how Hollywood stars on the outside, we have neglected some habits and behaviors that instead of supporting our physical, l image or all they do is become less attractive to ourselves people and to others.

Here I share those habits or attitudes that I have observed in myself and in the people around me. . To check if they match something you’re doing and if you can and want, you throw desire to correct Total, the only thing that can happen is that now approach you who want so much beauty that’ll spill:

1. Be egocentric:

Talk only about you, do not pay attention to what others have to say. Syndrome “I already did everything” and “I’m the only one in the world.”

2. Be rude and disrespectful:

Speaking ill of others and use derogatory adjectives to refer to others.

3. believe a judge:

Rate of “good” or “bad”, “beautiful” or “ugly” what others do or how they look, according to your standards and convenience.

4. Be Unsafe:

You focus on what you have and not take advantage or samples talents that make you unique.

5. Be Closed:

The only valid are your thoughts and your way of seeing life; you minimize invalid or other beliefs or forms of expression.

6. Be Controller:

You think if you do not you, “it is not well done.”

7. You’re not reciprocal:

You ask for help, support, listen to you, but do not offer the same in return.

8. You blame or complaints all the time:

Of course your friends and loved ones you hear in those bad days, but if you’re always complaining or blaming yourself, you will eventually get away.

9. Do not you care:

Although physical appearance is not the most important, personal neglect is not attractive either for yourself or for others.

10. dishonest you:

Is there anything to explain here?