10 fashion rules that you should follow from now

Although fashion has been created for anyone, there are always women who feel uncomfortable and insecure to wear some clothing, accessories or make-up that is in season, there are also those who feel bad and do not enjoy their own choices of clothing, because we live by following rules Fashion and beauty imposed by the big brands.

But as they say, the rules are made to break, or in this case, to change. These are the new fashion rules you need to follow; We assure you that they will make you feel great.

1. Use it if you want it

The first thing you need to know is that you need to dress to feel good about yourself, not to impress others. So if you like some garment, buy it!

2. Loves short clothes

Some girls feel that wearing dresses, skirts or shorts too short is inappropriate. Remember that short, well-worn clothes will make you look sexy and incredible. Show that you can be bold and keep your style intact.

3. Yes, it is made for you!

When you walk through the mall, you see a beautiful dress and you test it. In the end you always say that it is not made for you, but you have to know one thing: yes, it is made for you! You have the perfect figure and a beautiful face, why do you think it is not made for you? You were definitely born to wear it, so go ahead, it has to be yours.

4. Who said that bikinis are just for thin girls?

Keep that idea out of your mind. If you go to the beach it is to enjoy the sun, sand and sea, not to enter a flat bellies contest. Buy this beautiful bikini and flaunt it, in the end the most important thing is how you feel and not what others think of you.

5. Wear sexy underwear

Suffice it to think that sexy underwear is only worn by girls with a partner. It’s the 21st century all use it to let their sensuality go free. It’s time to buy a few sets and feel beautiful.

6. If your heels are not for you, say goodbye

Admit it, you and hundreds of other girls do not love heels like the rest of the world, and that’s nice too and that’s fine. You can combine your flats or tennis with your favorite clothes, fashion is not just about heels and it is time to accept it . Long live the comfort!

7. Get rid of makeup for a day

Most times we are slaves to makeup, sometimes we do it because we do not want to look too haggard, but it is time to accept that our face is beautiful to the natural. If you still can not leave your face completely clean, try the challenge of removing it little by little, in the end you will see that you look just as cute as with makeup.

8. The devil if you see the suspenders

The rules say you should never show your bra, but who the hell wrote those rules? There are times when simply the suspenders decide to make their appearance and what if they look, in the end we all use it and we know they are there.

9. Use a black lip

Yes, it is time to use this incredible color; leaves behind the belief that a single color for girls dark. Remember rule number one: if you like it, use it!

10. Wear a dress on a pair of pants

We have heard over and over again that dresses can not be combined with trousers, but that is false. If you wear a dress that is straight cut or is not steamy you will be wearing an incredible figure.